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India probably has the most exotic blend of beauty and variety to make your special occasion much more magnificent. Whether you prefer beaches, palaces, forts or mountains, India has it all to make your dream wedding come true. The cost for a destination wedding depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the location, the expected number of guests, the time of the year when the event is planned, the food menu, the entertainment as well as the pre-wedding ceremonies. The cost will also be determined on the stay for your guests. Executing a destination wedding by yourself can be a tedious affair especially when you have to manage the ceremonies as well as your guests.

Now talking about destination weddings, it won’t be wrong to say that it is in fact one of the most expensive wedding styles suited only for the wealthy. Destination weddings involve a luxurious palace (the booking cost alone would make your head spin), lodging and catering for 100 or so guests in a 5-star-like accommodation, flight tickets, decorations and an entire bunch of other arrangements that is sure to burn a hole in your pocket regardless of the size of your bank account. Be sure to shell out a few millions (no less) if you are indeed looking forward to a destination wedding somewhere like in a royal palace in Rajasthan.

That being said, there are cheaper ways too. The perks of planning a wedding in India are many, if only you know where precisely to look for-. Bunking the idea of a royal wedding isn’t easy (you get married only once). But in case you manage to drop the idea, you are in for a no lesser treat – with maybe double the fun.

Then sort out the list of guest. Yes the number of guest can increase and decrease the wedding budget. So sort out the list carefully. Once you finalized the guest list then you have to focus on resort or hotel. You can go for a 3 star, 4 star or 5 star resort of hotel according to your budget.

One more important part of your wedding is wedding dinner. It can also increase and decrease the budget of your wedding. You can discuss it with the wedding planner and select the dishes of your choice to keep it in your budget.

Wedding decoration is also an important part of the wedding so you can ask your wedding planner for different options and select the best one as per your budget.

If you are planning a destination wedding in India then first thing which you should choose is the place or destination where you are going to marry. Yes the cost of the wedding depends on the place you select for the wedding.

The budget for the destination wedding depends on your hands, if your budget for the wedding is 10 less, then according to that you have to plan out your functions, guests whom you want to invite. If you think, you didn’t achieve your destination wedding because of your budget, then you are wrong. There are a number of places which are on the top list & within the range. I am also in that category, provides you the list of palace, banquet halls to make your dream destination wedding become true.

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