Social Events Planner

Social Events planner in India

A social event planner typically manages weddings, anniversaries, parties and so on. As a social event planner you'll be interacting with individuals, couples, brides, parents and many other people – all of whom have the vision of a perfect wedding, anniversary or party that they have been imagining for months or even years.

Most social events are paid for by the individuals or families themselves, unlike corporate events that are funded by corporate budgets. This places constraints on how these costs are managed right upfront. Weddings, for example, can be funded by a collection of sources including personal funds, loans and gifts. This makes managing the budget a critical part of a successful event – sometime there is little or no room for tolerance for budget overruns or last minute expenses that were not accounted for in the planning, and can cause frustration for all parties involved.

“social event” as a gathering where the purpose is to bring people together in a group so they can socialize. Parties are social gatherings, even if you put a modifier in front of it, such as “birthday party” or “housewarming party”. The ostensible goal is for people to get together and have fun, even if the host only did it to get gifts

Social events” are of two typesThe first type is “invitation only.” That is, someone has decided that a particular combination of individuals will interact successfully around an event of particular interest to them: a birthday, wedding, etc.

The second type of social event we might call “open door,” when any- and everybody is welcome, such as most church services, grand openings, county fairs, etc. Here too, people are expected to interact according to certain rules and customs, such as polite speech, providing reasonable assistance when asked, cooperative navigation of tight spaces like doorways, etc.

Social events mostly involves entertainment and social gatherings. Some examples can be:

  • Dance shows, Music fests
  • Family Functions like Wedding Receptions
  • Dinner Gatherings
  • Felicitation Ceremonies
  • Sport Event played for a Social Cause.

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